Drilling Tool Production

Bauer India started the production of Drilling Tools at their Navi Mumbai facility in the year 2020 for catering to the needs of the local market, as well as for the regional export demand. Bauer India is producing economic version - Blue Line Drilling Tools locally, and they have been developed keeping in mind the local requirements and specifications with competitive pricing.


The local supervisory as well as welder team has been trained and guided under the experienced personnel from Germany to ensure quality and reliability of the drilling tools. There is a continuous endeavor towards 100% localization of components and parts, so as to achieve further reduction on pricing of Drilling Tools while maintaining the desired product quality.


Bauer India is also in the process of exporting drilling tools, after experiencing the success and acceptance of the Blue Line Drilling Tools in the local market. Alongside, more and more products are being added in the Product portfolio so as to provide complete solutions for the market.


Bauer India continues to import standard tools from other manufacturing units for the local demand.